Dutch corporates partner up to boost the startup ecosystem

On Thursday 17 September the Corporate Launchpad was launched and with it its online portal. Over 50 innovation managers came together, representing corporates like a.o. Google, Reaal, Philips, Alliander, Eneco, KLM and KPN. All these partners of the Corporate Launchpad are committed to use the strengths, knowledge and network of their organization to give the Dutch startup ecosystem yet another extra boost.

Different worlds

Collaboration between startups and corporates might be difficult sometimes. Both organization speak a different language and have a different speed of dealing with situations. But exactly this difference between startups and corporates can be used as an advantage. Corporates can accelerate their innovation process, by collaborating with startups and making use the speed and agility. Startups on the other hand can profit from the network, distribution channels, credibility and possible financial support that a huge corporate can offer.

Hosted by Hendrik Halbe, board member of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Corporate Launchpad partners shared their experiences on how to possibly deal these types of collaborations. Han Oey talked about the situation within USG, where their portfolio startup founders have direct contact with the CEO of USG. This creates commitment on both sides and mitigates the risk that startups get trapped in the bureaucracy and complex layers of the corporate.


Finding the right startup to collaborate with also turns out to be difficult sometimes for corporates. You need to find startups that are in the right sector for which you are looking for, but there also needs to be a ‘click’: the personal touch of successful collaborations. Together the partners of the Corporate Launchpad have created open tools that can be used to enhance the collaboration between startups and corporates.

One of these tools is the Launchpad Meetup. During these Launchpad Meetups a corporate opens its doors with a specific technology-ask and invites three startups to pitch their solution. Last April The Next Web and EY organized a first batch of these Launchpad Meetups during The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. Wytze de Haan from TNW explained that they now have opened up the concept within the Corporate Launchpad, so that others can use the tool in their own organization.

Innovate faster together

The next big thing by StartupDelta will be the How To Get There Summit on the 19th of November in Rotterdam. The summit, initiated by Minister Kamp, will bring together the top startups, corporate innovators and innovation hubs from the Netherlands on one event with the goal to innovate faster together. Over 50 experts will host breakout sessions on corporate entrepreneurship. The keynote speakers are a.o. Ben Verwaayen, Jan Kees de Jager and Neelie Kroes.

Check it out on: www.howtogetthere.nl

As a follow-up on the Delft Manifest in May, another Captains’ Meetup will be organized during the How To Get There Summit. Captains’ Meetups are one of the Corporate Launchpad tools, which focuses on getting alignment from the highest seat in the organization. In this meetup C-level executives from Dutch corporates will work on a roadmap how to promote internal entrepreneurship and further boost the Dutch startup ecosystem.

Contributing in the Corporate Launchpad can come in many forms. Corporate innovators that are interested in contributing in the Corporate Launchpad are very welcome and encouraged to contact Patrick de Lange (p.delange@dutch.com). Tickets for the How To Get There Summit can be found here. For ticket-packages or press contact Jorg Lescher (lescher@ece.nl) Contact Arko Veefkind (veekind@ece.nl) if your interested whether your CEO is also represented during the Captains’ Meetup on the 19th of November.