In a world of ideas, sometimes the simplest can be the most useful.

Last year my father passed away. It was then that I learned that I was appointed the executer of his estate. OK, now what? Other than his home and cars I had no idea what he may have had as far as insurance or financials were concerned. His will was very vague and didn’t give much insight as to where he might have had bank accounts both physical and virtual, insurance policies, or maybe a safe deposit box or some hidden cash under the garden gnome.

It gave me an idea on how to bridge the gap between this world and what lies beyond when it’s too late to retrieve the important information that could really have helped.

Soon I will be launching AFTERmail. ( will be the domain). This will be a simple to use platform with unlimited uses.

How it works.

AFTERmail is a safe and secure email utility that allows users to compose messages and attach files to be sent out in the event that something should happen to them unexpectedly. The action is performed when a user defined timer is allowed to count down to zero without being reset. The purpose of AFTERmail is to conveniently and securely pass on important information that is difficult to share while the user is still around.

The number of emails a user can compose are unlimited and they can also be arranged to be sent in certain orders and also be staggered. Emails can be encrypted so your complete privacy is insured. No one will ever see the content of your folder.

AFTERmail has unlimited uses for the types of messages that can be sent and here are some examples:

Tell someone where you hid cash or other valuables

Leave login information to automatic online bill services so they can be terminated

Leave login information to email accounts so they can be closed or contacts can be accessed

Leave login information to online accounts like savings, checking, or PayPal

Leave information about combinations to safes or safe deposit boxes

Leave instructions on how to care for your pets, vet information and feeding instructions

Leave the location of important documents such as wills, trusts and life insurance

Leave contact information so your friends and loved ones can stay connected

Send emails to friends and tell them how much you will miss them and how much they meant to you

Send that last email to the employer that never supported you

Send emails to get any thoughts off your chest.

AFTERmail is scheduled to launch late 2016 to early 2017. Users will be able to experience the entire platform free of charge. If the user decides that they want to activate the countdown timer feature than an annual membership of $24 will be required.

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