Didn’t get “wow” on your business portrait? It’s time for a double exposure.

Discover a double exposure for your next business profile © JUJU Fotografija

In my previous article I shared my advises how to get a successful business portrait. This time I would like to show how to push a business portrait a step forward with a technique, called Double exposure.

Self portrait in double exposure style © JUJU Fotografija

Double exposure is not a new genre of photography. The first print reaches 1890! And in the early 20th century it was a famous experimental technique for avant-garde photographers. This technique combines two photographs on each other and this allows to make a wide variety of creative portraits, it helps to add some dynamics in a static photograph. Depending on the main message, there could be urban, natural, graphic or any other style.

As a professional photographer I offer double exposure portrait for some of my clients to tell more interesting, eye catching story.

Nasdaq Vilnius double exposure project

Nasdaq Vilnius is a leading securities market infrastructure operators in Lithuania. They contacted me with a inquiry for a interesting business portraits of their heads’ of departments. As they wanted to promote their new modern office in Vilnius, we came up with the urban style double exposure examples. I would like to share some of the results:

© JUJU Fotografija

Inspirations from the world

It’s time to get inspired. If you would like to have double exposure portrait here are some my favorite examples that I found on Pinterest:

Wanna learn more?

To make a double exposure portrait is not difficult. You just need Adobe Photoshop and some lessons on Youtube or Enlight App.

Remember: to create double exposure portrait is a creative process. Enjoy finding the match and make unrepeatable image!

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