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Latvian “Science Fund” head, Green Party official asks to ban Riga Pride event

Latvia will host the Baltic Pride march for the region’s LGBT community and their supporters in Riga on June 9, 2018, a date that was announced last May. Shortly before the turn of the year, Valentīns Jeremejevs, president of the Latvian Science Fund, which was founded by the Latvian Academy of Sciences, announced he was calling for a referendum to ban the march by what he called “sick persons”.

Mr. Jeremejevs, who is also chairman of the Green Party unit in Riga (part of Latvia’s governing coalition where it is represented by the Greens/Farmers’ Alliance) told local media that he would use the citizens’ initiative website (My Voice) to gather at least 10 000 certified signatures asking the Latvian parliament or Saeima to hold a referendum on the planned LGBT activity.

“Why should my children look at and take on the habits of sick people. Why do I think that participants in the Pride are sick? Because a normal person with a non-traditional orientation will not go walking the streets and displaying himself to the entire nation,” Mr. Jeremejevs is quoted as saying.

The fact that Mr. Jeremejevs is applying to the initiative website (which claims a 50% rate of success in influencing legislation) doesn’t mean that any gathering of signatures will be started. discourages initiatives that are in conflict with the Latvian Constitution. An outright ban on an LGBT march (based on dislike or disgust with people of these sexual orientations) would violate Articles 100 and 103 of the Latvian Constitution, which guarantee freedom of expression and the right to public gatherings as well as European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rulings against bans on Gay Pride marches.

News of the initiative created a storm of comments on social media, where persons hateful of LGBT people (I reject using homophobic, phobias are not always hate) immediately reposted the media story (from a news site, which reported it factually) with comments of outrage and calls for the Pride event to be banned as well as many hateful remarks against gay people.

Some examples with my translation from Latvian:

What a horror. Can nothing be done for the cause? These mentally ill people must be treated, not Prides allowed. I don’t understand.

Some people were outraged that the Baltic Pride would take place in the year when Latvia and the other Baltic countries of Estonia and Lithuania will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their independence. Mozaika, the Latvian LGBT rights organization, said it will organize 100 events from March to June 2018 to highlight the history of LGBT people in the region and issues pertaining to LGBT rights.

If one looks at it, it shows our development. Could anyone in 1918 imagine that after 100 years, queers would march through Riga in honor of the centenary of the state (when in fact they will advertise their crippled deviance and it has NOTHING to do with the State celebration)?

Some of the most vehement comments were made by Liga Muzikante, a ultrarightwing writer for a small newspaper that has advocated the deportation of most ethnic Russian from Latvia and has ranted against homosexuality in the past. The author of this article, a libertarian who believes in human rights and respect for LGBT people, is mentioned because he got involved in the heated discussion on Facebook.

Juris Kaža, Edmunds Frīdvalds (a writer who opposed Ms. Muzikante) and a few other participants in this discussion clearly show the technique of the faggotized brain. You see, faggotizing the brain is the aim of the richly financed army of cultural Marxists. When a person is zombified with unnatural views on basic issues, he becomes easily manipulated in any field. This cultural Marxist crusade where the poor, sick homosexuals are turned into weapons, is financed, strategically planned and tactically executed in the interests of those individuals, who want total power in the world. A conspiracy theory? No, unfortunately, is the practice of the conspiracy. But people with faggotized brains can no longer see this.

Hatred against LGBT people is nothing new in Latvia, and to be perfectly honest, it seems to have diminished noticeably from when people attending a church service connected to a Pride march in Riga in 2006 were pelted with bags of excrement and eggs. The Baltic Pride in 2012 faced far less organized opposition (although opponents are trying to organize on social media ahead of the 2018 event). In my post just after the 2012 Pride, I saw the march as a diagnostic test of Latvian society and wrote:

My reading of the diagnostic results — the acute phase of the syndrome of homophobic mass hysteria in the streets is waning. Official response to the undeniably controversial event has shifted from hostility (former politician Ainārs Šlesers) to avoidance (except for a statement to a Pride event in 2008/? / by then President Valdis Zatlers) to cautious expressions of sympathy and support this year.”

However, my blog entry back then had a few quotes from news portal comments and possibly social media were no less vehement than what erupted after word spread of Mr. Jeremejevs initiative:

Rotten thinking, views, norms, it is repulsive to see these people doing it and being proud of it. Homosexuality IS a societal illness, it is not put into people by nature, it is simply crippled thinking, an error of the brain, such people should be sent for therapy!!!

Should have brought in Russians from Russia to take care of that lot and that ambassador (meaning US ambassador Judy Garber, who spoke at the Pride event.) Our men are softies, they let those stink in downtown Riga, whose place is with the Danish pigs (there have been complaints about the stench from large Danish owned piggeries in the Latvian countryside).

Children are not born in the US because homosexual relations are widespread and recognized, and these childless couples travel around the post-Soviet countries, including Latvia, looking for white children for adoption. The home page of the US Embassy explains how to adopt Latvian children. That is the result of massive homosexual propaganda.

Because of the queers, the human right of free movement of free movement in public places is violated in Riga. They must die off just like the mammoths!!! If only they could all croak from their diseases!!! Ass fuckers!!! Supporters of paedophilia!!!

Placard from the 2012 Baltic Pride March (Photo by Juris Kaža)

It remains to be seen whether the social media frenzy/moral panic will amount to anything. It could do so if the holy-roller church/sect that organized protests against the first Pride events years ago (the first Riga Pride was held in 2005) or if the NO PRIDE movement rises from its apparent grave. As an insight into how an angry crowd (dressed in protective suits against “spreaders of AIDS”) looks, and with some English-language interviews and commentary, I offer my YouTube post from 2008 starting at 1:37. The whole thing is over 10 minutes long.

The real issues arising from Mr. Jeremejevs’ actions are 1) will the Latvian Green Party disassociate itself from his LGBT hostile initiative 2) will the Latvian Academy of Sciences (which should be aware of the state of academic research on human sexuality) also disassociate itself and the so-called Science Fund from this initiate and perhaps from Mr. Jeremejevs. After all, could one have an advocate of flat-earth theories or creationism running a fund aimed at financing scientific research?

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