In-person or Online Communication?

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By the title, I’m pretty sure you can already guess what the text is gonna be about; communicating in person or chatting online. Both are something we do every day but we often can’t balance the two out. In this text, I would like to concentrate more on chatting online and it’s consequences. To begin, every time we search up communicating online; we see articles explaining about its disadvantages and advantages. In the following text, you will read about some disadvantages of communicating online more than in real life; the danger of talking to strangers, the lack of face to face experience when talking to a person, and last but not least it prevents us from developing interpersonal skills and meaningful relationships with others.

Communicating via email and/or instant messaging can be dangerous if you’re not sure who you’re talking to. There are a bunch of cases where teenagers or even adults have gotten in some type of sticky situation with a stranger that pretended to be someone else. Sometimes these situations are harmful but they can often take a dark turn. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those that only talk to people they personally know online, but seeing how the internet has now become a popular place to get to know new people; I would say take as much safety measures as possible. 
By communicating online more than in real life, you can be easily misunderstood because when talking online, you can’t see people’s emotions and reactions while in person you can. This is a situation we all must have gone through once. That moment you send a message meant as a joke and it gets taken the wrong way. Yeah, I’ve been through that one too many times to count. Talking to a person online can also be misleading because you never know what the other person is thinking. Meanwhile, if you’re talking face to face, you can be reassured that you wouldn’t be easily misled or misunderstood because you can see the other’s reaction and facial expression.

Humans are social creatures who constantly wants to be around others, which helps us develop interpersonal skills, and develop meaningful relationships. Communicating online more than in real life with others takes away from that bond. However talking online is a great way for shy people to open up and be more social, it is still not helping her/him develop interpersonal skills if she/he can’t socialize with others in real life. You can’t really develop meaningful relationships that actually last online as much as you can do in real life. For example; only 5% of the couples that meet online end up in a meaningful long-lasting relationship. Proven by

To conclude, there are obviously a lot of reasons why we should turn off our electronic gadgets and spend more quality time with the people we care about. After reading the disadvantages, I’m sure you can now decide whether you’re going to take less time chatting online and start talking more with the others around you in person. 
So, what’s your choice; “in person or online”?

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