Sequel of The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Narrative 3

“The yellow cow”

It seemed like Mr.Wheeler completely forgot that I was looking for Leonidas W. Smiley. He continued telling stories about Jim Smiley.

“Well, this here Smiley had a yellow cow with one eye and no tail.”

This cow was not a regular cow; it seemed odd from the outside but this cow was able to produce more milk than any other cow around here. The cow looked old and tired- it didn’t seem like it would produce a lot of milk- but the moment Mr.Smiley touched its udder; the cow would get energy out of nowhere and start working like a machine. It was miraculous how many milk it produced. It wasn’t no surprise when the cattle farm owner of the town heard about this cow,and made a bet with Smiley. Smiley being Smiley; of course said yes to the bet.

“Let me tell ya; they made a bet that if one of the cattle farm owner’s cows could produce more milk then Smiley’s, then he would have to give the farm owner 70 dollars but if Smiley’s cow produced more milk; then the farm owner would have to give Smiley one of his best cows.”

The competition was going to be held in 2 weeks. Somehow the word spread around the town that the cattle farm owner and Smiley were going to compete. Everyone was going to meet in 2 weeks to see who was going to be the winner.

“You know we live in a small town, so when the news got out; it became a huge deal.”

During the 2 weeks, Smiley sat back, relaxed and didn’t worry much about the cow, meanwhile the cattle owner chose his best cow, fed it every day and made sure it was in perfect health.

The day finally came when the “competition” will be held. Everyone was there. Most people were secretly hoping that Smiley wouldn’t win so he would finally quit betting all the time.

The competition started. It started outwell. Both cows produced milk like crazy! 20 minutes into the competition; the yellow cow of Smiley suddenly falls down. He tries to figure out what is wrong with the cow. The animal doctor comes over to check the cow and announces that unfortunately, the cow has fainted from being overworked. That made the cattle farm owner winner of the competition. Smiley wasshocked and absolutely appalled. This was the second time he lost a bet ,but a promise is a promiseand he must do his part of the deal, He pulls out the money and gives it to the farm owner.

“Now what happened after….”

Now Simon Wheeler heard his name called and got up to see why he was called. I didn’t want to hear more stories about Mr.Smiley. I’ve heard enough. It was clear Mr.Wheeler will not help me find the person I’m looking for. I started to walk away. At the door; I saw Mr. Wheeler returning, and he started talking again.

However, lacking both time and interest, I did not wait to hear another story. I just left.