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Vae Soli

I work in the software development sector, but don’t be afraid, this post isn’t really just about software development, but more about the people aspect and its daily challenges. Although many of the things I’m going to mention might just seem to be common sense, many of us always again have to experience the exact contrary.

  • …who don’t care about the others they are working with nor appreciate their abilities and accomplishments
  • …who don’t trust anybody

How to Deal with Bad Eggs

Dealing with such people - and I bet everyone can share such experiences - is extremely frustrating. Lone wolfs are poisonous, especially in a team where people work hard and are busy and then suddenly one comes in “throwing stuff at you”.

The Key really Is Respect

Really, the key is respect. As a martial arts practitioner and trainer one of the first things we learn to our students is to respect each other and the things around us. It is the basis for everything that follows. Similarly, Brian W. Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman mention three main pillars:

Humilty, Respect and Trust (HRT)

You’re neither the center of the universe, nor are you omniscient or infallible. No one is! Therefore, respect others and the work they do. Appreciate their abilities and accomplishments and mainly, have trust in their competencies and that they will do the right thing.

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