Jurni Has Joined The Batchery

We are excited to announce that JURNI has joined The Batchery to become a part of the innovation economy that is being built in the Bay Area. The Batchery provides us with a stimulating environment where we can share information, access resources and receive valuable advice crucial to helping us navigate through early-stage obstacles.

Ever since JURNI launched in January of 2016, we have accumulated several thousands of users organically, and have built technology that we are proud of.

We have reached an interesting phase of growth, and are looking to surround ourselves with people and resources that can take the value of authentic and emotional video interactions to the next level. We look forward to accelerating our development and growth by working with The Batchery’s mentors and advisors over the coming months.

Founded in 2015, The Batchery is a collaborative workspace and incubator dedicated to supporting select entrepreneurs by hosting them in an ecosystem of investors, advisors, peers and service providers. It does this through two learning tracks, workshops, value-add partnerships, coaching and mentoring, and opportunities to pitch internally and externally.

About JURNI:

Jurni is a safe place where you can be authentic and talk about issues and topics that matter.

Real stories, real people, real life. It’s your story.

With JURNI, you can:

  • Easily create and share a 45 second video about your JURNI
  • Assign emotions to a JURNI post
  • Leave video comments on JURNI posts to create video discussion threads

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For more information on The Batchery, please visit: www.batchery.com.