Be kind to yourself

TDD; the best skill you could practice when writing code. Test driven development is a skill that is highly valued by great developers. Its use is to ensure that your functionalities are working properly but, you are writing a test that tests the test you are testing?
What?! That confused me too!He he

I’m writing unit tests for my bucket list application and as I code, I take hours to complete just one test. Considering I am working on a tight deadline, I just can not help but wonder, is it really worth it, you know.. the time that one takes to write a test when it is so much easier to just add functionalities and be done with it. I feel so tempted to just skip the tests and head to the functionalities but what’s the use? I’ll just be adding insult to injury, right?

I know I have what it takes, adding a couple of hours to it will only add value to my end product. I believe:

If you practice something for a few hundred hours, you will almost certainly see great improvement… — K. Anders Ericsson

So I’m taking it one test at a time. Because by gauging your skill accurately and recognizing you have what it takes? In my opinion, that’s just seeing things as they are — and a cause for gratitude. Be kind to yourself!

We all have had our moments when starting TDD. And because its quickly turning into a requirement if it hasn’t already, you’ll have to practice, learn, and improve to get that test going. You can do it. So instead of worrying about talent or speed, have confidence in your ability to get better.

Eventually… you will.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. — Confucius