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Data, privacy, and ad dollars are some of the top keywords floating around in news. Whatever your news resource maybe, coming across these various topics doesn’t take much browsing.

As we spend thousands to purchase a phone, browse the internet and various social media websites; various details about you are being tracked. Demographics of your sex, age, location, and interest is what founders and marketers are excited to gain access too in large numbers.

In turn, marketing consultants and agencies are taking on clients with budgets to spend thousands if not 10’s of thousands to have their product come across your screen multiple times. …

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How do you feel about your progress towards success? Is it going smooth, a hit and miss, none existent? Depending on your answer the root cause can be likely related to your office setup or lack thereof.

One of the most overlooked aspects of productivity is consistency and environments.

Consistency is difficult when your environment is nonexistent, not properly setup, or dated. Ever walked into a dated office, home, and the mindset of that environment was a match? …

Ever curious about the elements of success? What goals, skills, process, luck, and level of expertise does one need to succeed?

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When thinking of goals one key element to understand.

To achieve any level of success a key element involves setting short term goals. …


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