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Data, privacy, and ad dollars are some of the top keywords floating around in news. Whatever your news resource maybe, coming across these various topics doesn’t take much browsing.

As we spend thousands to purchase a phone, browse the internet and various social media websites; various details about you are being tracked. Demographics of your sex, age, location, and interest is what founders and marketers are excited to gain access too in large numbers.

In turn, marketing consultants and agencies are taking on clients with budgets to spend thousands if not 10’s of thousands to have their product come across…

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How do you feel about your progress towards success? Is it going smooth, a hit and miss, none existent? Depending on your answer the root cause can be likely related to your office setup or lack thereof.

One of the most overlooked aspects of productivity is consistency and environments.

Consistency is difficult when your environment is nonexistent, not properly setup, or dated. Ever walked into a dated office, home, and the mindset of that environment was a match? It may be the very reason why you hate your job because there is nothing exciting to look forward to or anything…

Ever curious about the elements of success? What goals, skills, process, luck, and level of expertise does one need to succeed?

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When thinking of goals one key element to understand.

How vital is setting the proper short term goals?

To achieve any level of success a key element involves setting short term goals. Once established focus time must be set aside to perform the tasks that yield a deliverable. Goal setting is a skill to develop in order to find the balance between goals, tasks, and the time to complete them. …

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I try to juggle many things within 24 hours. From working full time, working on side projects to help others, or honing my craft there are times I miss simple and fun things to do for myself.

Do you feel like you are always on the run without consistency in a few things you like to do? How about just filling up your to-do list with anything you can think of without one specific goal for the day?

Sometimes taking a step back and observing your efforts allows you the opportunity to prioritize what is important.

By using a daily…

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“Fullfill your destiny” by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

What if you wanted to keep track of a few good things in life, what would it be? Honing your craft, miles ran, social media growth? Using Google Sheets is a great way to manage progress and growth in a seamless manner.

According to TechCrunch, Google Drive has almost 1 billion users and it’s likely you’re already using Google Sheets in some way. Now it’s time to use the power of Google Sheets chart feature to manage you!

A sample of things to track in Google Sheets

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“Atlanta Made” by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. With buildings going up and innovators coming in. Atlanta is becoming a city where entrepreneurs, makers, and hard workers can thrive.

Below is a list of places to help you meet great people and network. Check out various Atlanta venues hosting tech events. Like minds are not hard to come across in the city so get out, promote your app, business, or help someone with your skills to promote local business development in Atlanta.



Switchyards is a local club known for creating beautiful startups for consumers. They host an…

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A new day will come without delay. Whether you have the intention to take advantage of it is a thoughtful question to consider. A day is consistent whether we’re ready or not to make the best of 24 hours. I’m a driven person who wants to be successful in life and make meaningful contributions to the world. This leads me on a quest to find balance within a day. Over the years I’ve used my skills of observation, research, and use of technology to make the most of my 24 hours. …

Here is a Google Sheet using a line chart displaying my study and building time over the months.

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With the all the podcasts and books on self-help, side hustle, and productivity I’ve not heard much on how long it takes someone to reach a goal. I know it’s about the journey but I wanted to see what the data looked like as I continue to learn new things daily. From reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and Deep Work by Cal Newport I’ve seen how consistency, focus, and effort over time compounds to achieve goals on a to-do list…

Hey there, you’re taking the right steps in trying to understand your credit score and improving your financial health. By the time you finish reading this article you’ll have an inside look at some simple habits to boost your credit score. Hopefully, you’re consistent and have the same experience to move up 200 points as I did. Out of college I had it pretty hard with my credit score being around the low 500’s. From missed payments, late fees, and being denied; I’ve seen the dark side of ‘BAD CREDIT’.

Low credit comes from a number of bad financial transactions…

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