Winter Of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Checkout and Product Information

Introducing an effective new way to establish your brand and/or run your online store using a mobile commerce system involving but not limited to; QR shopping posters, branded pre-paid gift cards and social media marketplaces.

Mobile industry insiders know that mobile device usage in most countries even down to demographics has grown by leaps and bounds. China, for example, has created an awesome app using some of these very methods. WeChat is a social media based platform with many services and features that allow users to; talk/message/video chat, make reservations, and also launch brands big and small to its user base. This is a very small sampling of the many things China has accomplished with WeChat alone, which I find very admirable. To find more information on mobile usage statistics and demographics check out any of these sources Nielsen Reports, Pew or Smart Insights.

The main purpose of this article is to explain the use of QR codes in self branding and mobile transactions, as well as how to use this tool complemented with a few others to expand your brand and set up an inexpensive online/offline mobile commerce system starting now into the holiday season. Just think! Your mobile commerce business could be fully functional and ready to operate by the Winter!!! Here’s how…

QR Code Item Tags

You may have seen these cool little tags before and maybe you don’t realize it. They’re the square barcodes that most businesses provide for their mobile customers. They’re mostly used for mobile coupons but the applications are virtually endless. For example, QR Codes can be printed out and posted on your products or distributed to your customers to use as a means of purchase. Making transactions between you and your customers a lot safer.

Secure Digital Content Inventory Management

Here’s the thing, many people pay for high quality graphic designs only to have someone come along and steal their design for fraudulent purposes. Now that person profits from your design while you take a loss to your business and reputation. By encrypting your digital asset and registering it in my Inventory Management System you can protect your digital content from being re-distributed around the internet. This system also allows your online customers to verify that the content is your intellectual property as well as give product inventory updates and transaction reviews. Ensuring that the product of your awesome ideas remains yours!

QR Shopping Poster/Wall

This is a poster or design board of QR Codes and their products or services. The URL for each product or service is embedded into the QR Code. So, when a customer scans the QR Code they are directed to the Inventory Management System which allows the customer to make their purchase directly from the owner. A great start for beginners would be a design board that holds about 20 to 25 quality QR Codes of products and/or services. Making it easier for owners to market at vendor events such as expos, swap meets, local events, etc. A perfect option for the ambitious business owner who would like a low cost, secure, low maintenance BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) business model workflow.

Digital Signage/Menu Boards

Digital Signage is on the rise and it has become more cost efficient for small business owners to utilize a form of interactive menu board or in-store presentations. Digital Signage would be good to present a live feed from Facebook, or even running your in-store mobile commerce QR shopping wall, where your customers can make orders and your sales associates can bring out orders from the back making your workflow more efficient for sales transactions to be maximized at your Pop-up shop or store. Whether you run a small or large shop you can benefit from digital signage boards and menus.

Branded Gift Cards/Vouchers

What’s a better way to increase sales for returning customers and or having pre-launch sales using your own branded gift cards. You can use this to get sales during your event in two ways: Pre-sale your branded gift cards so if you’re trying to get your brand out there you give new potential customers options on what they want to try out during your event or gift it to a friend they can bring along to the event launch. If you offer a limited edition you can scale up a VIP program for those card holders or trade cards on a distributed trading ledger with other brands.

Social Media Marketplace

The Winter of ’17 is upon us and already there have been many advances in technology and it’s use. With companies like Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, etc. creating new platforms of sharing, as well as business opportunities, you can now set up exclusively managed groups for your customers. Here you can post encrypted digital content that will allow your consumers to verify product ownership, location, and inventory, creating trust between you and the consumer while also making transactions safe, secure, and convenient for in store pickup. There are many business owners who have come to utilize these tools to grow their consumer base and brand. For example, you can use the Facebook Live feature to Live Stream footage of showcase or vendor pop up events. A Social Media Marketplace establishes a place for owners to not only network but provide a safe and secure place for their online customers to shop and interact. Now is the perfect time to climb aboard.

Pop-up locations

Research has shown that more real estate managers are short term leasing storefronts for pop up business models. There are also shared spaces being offered specifically for pop up businesses. A list of these sites can be found by doing a simple google search. Be sure that any site you visit is legit and be sure to read all information before signing anything. As for location, I personally believe that best places would be near public transit areas and downtown areas. Most major metro areas are being revitalized, causing an increase of population for those areas and more business possibilities for you.

As the Winter approaches it’s a great time to use our services of QR Shopping Posters, Branded Gift Cards/Vouchers, and Managed Social Media Marketplace to launch your commodity for the Winter and holiday seasons using a mobile commerce platform tailored to make you a success.

As the Winter approaches it’s a great time to get your brand seen and on a budget, you can establish and run your brand with QR shopping posters, branded pre-paid gift cards and a social media marketplace managed for the Winter into the holiday season using mobile commerce.