Best Anti Aging Skin Care

Cheap anti-wrinkle scores best

News | Creams out there wrinkles do not show the new test anti wrinkle creams 
from the Consumers’ Association. A cream can do to improve the skin’s moisture, 
so that better. Consummated tested with 14 sister organizations 34 anti wrinkle 
creams which 13 are available in the Netherlands. The anti-wrinkle creams were 
compared to a standard cream. For all skin creams looks after four weeks 
lubricate better, but cheap Cain Q10 of Dill scores best.

In the test succeed only two anti-wrinkle creams is to make the skin measurably 
smoother than standard cream: Dill’s Cain Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day Cream (€ 3 for 50 
ml) and Neuronal-Filler Day Cream Inducer (€ 29 for 50ml). The other performance 
tested creams are not or not noticeably better than the standard cream. However, 
although measurable with special equipment at Dill and Inducer is the difference 
with the standard cream, but not clearly visible to the naked eye. The test shows 
that more expensive is not always better. So cost jars Energizer multi-lift 
Lance € 95. That they are so expensive thick thirty times as Dill’s Cain, which 
costs € 3.
lubricate four weeks
For the test smeared 30 women between 30 and 71 years for four weeks on one half 
of their face a standard cream and the other half of the creams from the test. 
The difference was measured with a 3D analysis of the skin and so-called a 
catercorner, who can see the extent to which the skin is hydrated. The magazine 
Ms Perfect of June 2014 shows all test results, including those of well-known 
brands such as L’Oreal, Nivea and Vichy.

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