Stop Chasing What You Love

From the time we’re young, we are told to dream big. We are told as children that we can be whatever we want to be. As we grow up, we are encouraged to never give up and to never let anyone tell you what you can’t have or what you can’t do. It’s like a generational doctrine; to be better than those who preceded you. The reality is not all of us will experience life the way we envision it in our heads. Some of us will spend fruitless weeks, months — even years — dreaming and allowing antiquated mantras dictate how we experience our lives.

Beyonce spits facts only.

We spend so much time trying to personify certain mantras that we forget how to just be. In fact, life — the kind that’s overflowing with joy and peace — is elusive for many because we’re obsessed with escaping the simplicity of living. For whatever reason, some people are in love with struggle and life being hard in order to have meaning for their dreams.

One thing I’ve learned on my journey is that you won’t be able to appreciate anything when you’re constantly chasing that next thing. In a state of pursuit, you develop tunnel vision. You see an end and you create a plan that appears to give you the best path towards it. Along the way, anything that’s not a part of the plan will do one of three things; it’ll crush you, it’ll deter you, or it’ll expose you. To be crushed is to use up all of your energy on the process. While you may get small victories and wins on the way there, the teases will inevitably use up a large amount of your happy. You never get the opportunity to recharge because you crave that high. The pressure that is making you stronger and more resilient is also robbing you of enjoying the point of the journey itself. By the time you get to the end, you’re mentally exhausted because you fought so hard to make it. You have what you want but the only person that relishes in that reward is you.

To be deterred while you’re following your plan occurs usually at the midpoint. You can see how far you’ve come but the unknown that lies ahead scares you. Your mind is overrun with self-doubt and worry. You ask yourself questions such as “am I worthy? Can I do this? Is all of that pain and struggle worth it?” Things, even people, will be introduced as tests to show you where your heart lies.

Exposure in your life’s journey is harder to qualify. It’s a point where your experiences will magnify who you really are. Exposure will also help you separate who’s for you or against you. It’ll also help toidentify yourself in your new surroundings. Are you a leader? Are you an innovator? Are you active or passive? Does your message move people? If you’re constantly chasing something, the answers to these poignant questions might be missed. Without exposure, you’re unable to clearly see what’s in front of you. Idealism ignores the truth for what you want to see in front of you.

One of the few inspirational sayings that’s worth believing in.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying people shouldn’t follow their dreams. We are a generation of people who stepped outside of their comfort zone. However, we all can’t lead perfect lives of doing exactly what we want. Somebody out there has to say “I’d love to do this, but I’m okay if it doesn’t happen.” I recently finished a book entitled “Mind Gym”. In it, there was a quote that stuck with me;

“The mind works most effectively when you tell it what to do rather than what not to do.”

Gary Mack’s words, like any other inspirational quote, can be interpreted to reflect pure positivity. I interpreted it based on what I seek to accomplish. No more running, no more chasing. Live.

Detaching from a dream is one of the hardest things a person can do. Not chasing what you love, though, gives you the space to focus on the endless possibilities. Detachment also gives you the beauty of stillness. Stillness is meant to stretch your forward in a natural, unaffected manner. Sometimes detachment from an intense passion leads us to a place that wasn’t a part of the original plan. And yet, it was always there. To give up on a dream is to be open to re-direction and discovering true purpose. If you aren’t living with purpose, the chase will never end.

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