So I get this e-mail from Medium…

“The Quiet Side of Racism”.

Edgy subject line… better click (you got me).
I think this was designed to get me engaged in the process, and if so, it obviously worked. I typically do not write open letters to no one but this just seemed too insane to ignore. And what better place to point out obvious racism than an outlet that seems to pride itself on just that, in spite of their failure to do so.

Since the edgy subject line captured the essence of “silent racism” beautifully, it only made sense to lead with this feature:

I agree that when racism shows its ugliness, it’s often hidden in plain sight. And that it finds subtle ways to invade our lives… like using blogging platforms.

I know who America is. And I know America is who she is because of who she was. America is the embodiment of Western Culture. And Western Culture is responsible for the sharp incline we see in quality of life around the world.

Paying attention to the important theme though… Racists get their power because no one stands up to them. Can’t agree more.

This was just funny to me. I wonder how black people would feel if their companies had special meetings designed specifically to train them on how to talk to white people. I doubt it would go over so well, let alone be a “featured article”.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Lastly, and I’m sure intentionally. White denial (with another side of Anti-America rhetoric)… Apparently just like racism, denial of racism is exclusive to people with white skin. There’s no way Medium could send me an e-mail littered with anti-white pieces thinking t would ATTRACT a new reader, right?

I would though, agree to the point that denying racism exists will not be its downfall. Confronting racism is the only way to defeat it, and that’’s why I write this piece.

In conclusion, and after seeing several featured articles promoting discrimination against a particular group, based only on their skin color, it’s all summed up in this vat of irony… Words matter.

As is made abundantly clear in this blog/post/journal entry (w/e), I certainly agree with every major idea represented:

1- Racism is often hidden in plain sight (though I would add it is often perpetrated by a small group of loud people). 
2- Racism grows stronger when good people refuse to stand up to the evil.
3- White people, like everyone else, don’t want to be told how to behave, particularly when most already know how. 
4- Racism must be challenged. Ignoring it will not destroy it.

Words really do matter… and if you understood the words you folks were writing, you’d realize you are guilty of the crimes you are speaking out against.

Every time you point the finger, three are pointing back at you.