You know, the reason I even respond to people like you isn’t because I have any shred of a belief…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Facts???? What do you know about facts Victoria? You have not mentioned or typed one single FACT on a single post so far. You have given some opinions (which aren’t even yours, but regurgitated liberal college professor babble). I on the other hand have provided personal experience (fact), statistics (fact) and definitions as written by Webster Dictionary (fact). You on the other have produced nothing but bloviated opinions, psychobabble liberal professor speak, and lopsided, ill informed definitions on humanity as a whole. Figures you should eventually GIVE UP as you have been completely schooled on every level of every of every subject piece you have chosen to bring up. Figures as much. FACTS generally scare liberals, they literally shutter at the sight or sound of them. Tell you what. You go on living in your ivory tower, pretending like you’re doing something productive like rioting, protesting, and your social mumbo jumbo, and leave the real WORK to those of us who know how the REAL WORLD actually works. Have you ever wondered about these professors you hold so dear, and burp up their same tired old baloney. Most have been in school their whole life. They have ZERO real world experience. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times. Let’s drop off you and your blubbering college professor on the north side of Milwaukee or the west side of Chicago some Friday night after 10 and let’s see how quickly your world view changes. You would be a withering baby within one hour.

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