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I must know Kira, do you have any standards what so ever as it relates to the burden of proof, or do you just make such requests and demands based on politics? Susan Rice ADMITTED that Trump and some of his transition members got “caught up in ongoing surveillance”, but that they weren’t necessarily “targets” of the investigation. I wouldn’t be so critical about this, but you people in the lamestream media go on and on and on about supposed Russian influence with ZERO evidence of the fact and you have no problem reporting on that as though it actually happened. Susan Rice has proven time and time again she is willing to lie about anything. The simple fact remains that there is far more evidence of Trumps team being wiretapped (inadvertently or not) than there is any evidence of Russian meddling. The fact that you can’t report on one thing that has more evidence than the other, yet you will run story after story on unsubstantiated claims proves your complete lack of journalistic ethics. You lefties are pathetic. If you want “PROOF” of this, you should probably want actually “PROOF” of the other don’t you think? Too bad you do your job with tunnel vision and motives rather than a true journalistic objectiveness.

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