A Tragic Tale of “Nature”
Sarah Tuttle

Once again ignorance is on full display by people LOOKING for something to be offended by. This whole concept of removing historical monuments is a farce and brought only now to the forefront due to the recently passed Divider in Chief, Mr. Barack Obama. 
Erasing history, or pretending it didn’t exist, is on its own merits a slippery slope at best, and a brainwashing, or white washing to the extreme. Where does this all end? Do we remove Mt. Rushmore next? Do we remove history as it relates to the inquisitions of the Spanish Conquistadors? What about the monuments to the Tuskegee Air Men? Should we get rid of that too? What about the statue of Liberty? Should that go as well? Do we finally destroy Auschwitz and the memories and history of that as well and simply pretend it didn’t happen because it is no longer politically correct? 
The fact is monuments serve as a reminder. They remind of us good, they remind us of bad, and they remind us of happy and of sad, but to simply remove them, removes all memory of anything in our past. To be honest most of us individuals have made many mistakes. Those mistakes in our own personal lives serve as reminders of things not to repeat. I don’t think that humanity as a whole is much different. While we often address “trial and error”, how many of us in our personal lives, and how many civilizations since the dawn of time learned anything by trial? If we are going to be honest, nearly everything mankind has learned has been from ERROR and ERROR alone.
People in this country need to learn from our mistakes. We must continue to remind ourselves of the poor decisions we have made in our past. I recall even recently the outrage in our country over the removing of monuments and biblical historical sites in both Mali and Syria. Remember the rage when Americans learned about ISIS literally destroying these monuments and places and how terrible we all thought it was?
Let’s put this into perspective shall we? This is a direct parallel to the Nazi’s of the late 30’s burning books and educational materials that didn’t align directly with that particular party’s political viewpoint. How is this any different? Let’s take this a step further, what about the library of Alexandria. It is thought that up to 1500 of history was simply erased in one day when the Library was destroyed by foreign invaders. The removal of this monument erased the architectural theories that were used to build the pyramids. It held the mathematical calculations that were used to construct most of the ancient world. Thousands of years of history as it relates to different civilizations was literally lost in an instant due to the destruction of this once great MONUMENT.
Taking down monuments, not educating people, and showing ignorance to our mistakes in the end is counterproductive to what I think this whole movement is trying to accomplish. Why not hold rallies of REMEMBRANCE rather than violence, and TEACH people what the monuments are, what they represent, and why things were changed. Why not take the time to LEARN from our mistakes, and remind ourselves of them, rather than simply trying to erase and destroy them. 
Moreover, stop being offended by everything, and remember that times and people change. Remember that 2 decades from now a NEW political environment and mentality could come forward that want to remove other statues and monuments. Future generations may well ask for statues of MLK, the Twin Towers, and the statue of liberty to be removed. Don’t make close minded decisions based on your world view. Remember that while you may be on top of the world and in the light now, the world does rotate and you are soon to be in the dark. The earth, times and people change, so while you argue to have things removed now, remember that later, others may ask that YOUR things be removed using your very same logic. Embrace change, be bold, learn from your mistakes, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forget to remind yourself how you got here, the road you took, and WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Ignorance is far more expensive and far more dangerous than reflection.

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