You know, the reason I even respond to people like you isn’t because I have any shred of a belief…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

One more thing Victoria. It is more than evident talking to you that you have NO IDEA what the black struggle even is. You try to stand there on your high horse and bloviate with catch phrases you know NOTHING about. I grew up in the inner city. I was bullied my entire childhood while I WAS THE MINORITY in my school. I have seen the difference first hand of how white kids in black schools are treated compared to how black kids in white schools are treated. I have seen first hand the illegal immigrants come in and take jobs away from struggling youths and struggling fathers. I have witnessed first hand the political plantation owners of our inner cities enslave their voting block with welfare, subsidized housing and REFUSE to give these people the CHOICE of what schools they go to in an effort to further their education and be in good educationally nurturing environments. I have seen FIRST HAND the politicians take away food subsidies because the father actually stuck around and lived in the same home with his children. I have seen first hand the poison of drugs and the violence that follows in the mere attempt to make some extra spending money. What have you seen Victoria besides the inside of a cafeteria and the discussion of a focus group in the commons. Give me a break. Fact is your an ill informed hypocrite that has ZERO idea of what life is like outside the halls of academia. So spare me the drivel.

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