OK, please explain to me how we have systematic racism in this country that specifically puts non…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Systemic racism. Great catch phrase once again imagined by the leftist progressive movement particularly based in and on college campuses. As a matter of fact I NEVER claimed to be a victim of racism. You see what your college professors don’t seem to take into consideration is “STEREOTYPING”. This is far different from racism. The fact is I remember just last year getting pulled over on 68th and Capitol Drive in Milwaukee after leaving a friends house. Why? Because I was white in a black neighborhood. And yes I was asked to step out of the car, and yes both me and my car were searched for drugs as they clearly expected that is why I was in the neighborhood. Guess what genius…..the cops were black? So was I racially profiled? Damn right I was. Guess what, I cooperated and was on my way. When you have 13% of the population committing over 87% of violent crime, that is not racism. That is profiling based on groups. I live in a small town in Waukesha, Wisconsin. There have been 4 murders here in two years. ALL COMMITTED BY BLACKS who make up .02% of our population in this town. Get over yourself Vicky. Stop spewing such idiotic comments based solely on what you have been indoctrinated with at school. More over don’t float me links to some biased left wing rag like the Huff post that can’t even tell the difference between fake and real news, and more over completely lack the objective responsibility they have as a news organization. You don’t even know what your talking about. Want to learn some real education Vicky, go volunteer at a homeless shelter in the inner city. Go volunteer at a drug treatment facility. The fact is you lefties want illegal immigration, muslim refugees, and are too stupid to figure out that illegal aliens drive up poverty in the inner city and muslims hang transgenders and homosexuals for pleasure. Go attempt at graduating and go out in the real world out of your safe space and learn something. And don’t worry about me. I’m a mechanical engineer that specializes in building molecular reactors for the bio pharmaceutical industry that works towards safely developing and storing the worlds small pox vaccine, creates new and exciting drugs to treat ailments like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. I don’t need some whiney puppy petting, safe place hiding bleeding heart calling me uneducated when you don’t even know the definition of what a man is, what a woman is, and what racism means by definition. Good effort though snowflake.

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