In this country, and in our culture, racism is indeed based solely in the white community.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

That is the most ridiculous, rehearsed, brainwashed line of thinking I have ever heard. Funny how all of you racists use the exact same excuse. I have news for you genius. There are more black and brown people on this planet by about 10 times over white people. You have more of an opportunity to degrade, discriminate, and enslave than any white folks do. Get over yourself. I’m not sure what washed up left wing lemming of a college professor taught you such a retarded argument, or if your just repeating verbatim Rachel Maddow and her kind, but your excuse for your racism is astounding, not factual by any stretch, and extremely confounded to say the very least. Wake up Vicky, alot has happened in the last 100 years when it comes to rampant reproduction and the prevalent racist attitudes by minorities in today’s society. Ever hear how well Puerto Rican’s and Mexicans get along. Tell you what, get out of our little ivory tower, forget that shitty education you got and go take a vacation out in the real world. Your reality will change quickly. Better yet, have a black man come in my neighborhood at 2:00 AM in the morning and then I’ll send you down to 35th and Keefe in Milwaukee, and we will do a little experiment on who the REAL RACIST ARE IN 2017.

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