No, I didn’t get “fried like an egg”.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Victoria are you living in some sort of alternate universe? Number one I don’t have any white privilege to speak of other than paying taxes, having to go to work everyday and actually being held accountable for my actions. As far as your “CREDIBLE” evidence, I never claimed that “I” had it bad, I simply said that minorities are afforded a “BETTER” opportunity. Are you seriously going to sit there and deny affirmative action, higher amounts of grant money for minorities and the fact that the blacks get admitted into college easier, with lower test scores than their white counterparts? If so you have already lost the discussion based solely on your ignorance and denial. By the way, here is your WEBSTER DICTIONARY DEFINTION:

Definition of racism

 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

How does this definition somehow eliminate the ability of ANY race to exercise racist behavior? Fact is doesn’t. Any race is capable of being racist. See it clearly doesn’t matter how educated you THINK you are Vicky just because you’re spending ridiculous amounts of money you don’t have on education, because clearly you haven’t learned ANYTHING, including very simple definitions to very simple words. Fact is you and your left wing lemming professors don’t get to just “CHANGE” definitions either. This idea that you must come from a superior class to exercise racist behavior is just more ignorant left wing indoctrination perpetrated by the left. You like to change definitions of things all the time. Simple, common sense things, like if you have a penis YOU ARE A MAN. If you have a vagina, YOU ARE A WOMAN. Marriage. IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN in its original form. You leftist are the ones constantly trying to change definitions, not me. So who exactly is showing their lack of education. Oh and PS Vicky, just because you go to school and went to school for a long time, does not mean you are “EDUCATED”. You are clearly proof positive of that.

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