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What a complete piece of journalistic GARBAGE!! Women athletes objectify themselves quite regularly. Examples…..Serena Williams pictures of her half naked and pregnant. Lindsay Vonn half naked in SI. Female gymnastics stars posing for magazines. And let’s be honest, not offended, that Serena DOES generally PUMMEL her opponents. Women objectify themselves at every turn. Just because people enjoy looking at beautiful women with a great physique does not make them pigs, it makes them human. This is just another example of speech policing and the rise of leftist fascism. There is no such thing as a MICROAGGRESSION. This should be redefined as overly sensitive on the part of those that things are said to. MICRO means just that….small. Unlike the MACROAGGRESSIONS the white race is getting pounded into our heads every day. These are macroaggressions, and quite honestly, I’m still not that upset about. Free speech is just that free speech. Free speech also means you likely aren’t going to like 50% of what you hear. I have an idea. Grow a spine, and get over it.. When women stop flaunting themselves all over the place (Arianna Grande, Kylie Jenner, Lindsay Vonn, Simon Biles, Ali Raisman, Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Paige Sparniak, Michelle Wie, Allison Stokke, Jessica Ennis. Women who are good at sports capitolize quite regularly on their looks. Stop faulting them because the rest of you are ugly.