In the first place, “anchor babies” by definition are children who are born in the United States.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

You are walking back your blanket racist comments Victoria. Whether you like it or not, you just plain got caught saying EXACTLY how you feel. Which is like most liberal idealists. You think anyone with brown skin does menial jobs that your white friends won’t. You try to hide it all the time, but eventually your true colors always come out. I deal with plenty of you left wing folks who think you are so morally superior and the fact is your are the first ones to lock your car and roll your windows up in the hood. You are the first ones to always tout :”We need THESE people to do jobs Americans won’t”. You are the most racist, violent, intolerant people in politics. What is more is you all think you are so much smarter than everyone and you throw labels around almost as much as the Nazi’s in the 30’s. Do you even know what it means to be Xenophobic Victoria? Your nothing more than a racist hack, who has zero common sense, still can’t figure out math and economics and thinks because kids blowing out the bellies of Felonious illegal alien moms that I am somehow Xenophobic. Do me a favor, go back to school for another 10 years and put some more of your debt money back into our country’s economy.

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