Punitive Gandhi

The times, they are harsh
Leaders are farce
Mindsets are scarred, with misdemenour
Far right and extreme left
Caution, too far east is west

Bharat, now a mere word
Once epitomised the absence of self
Let us chase history and mire the bald elf

The father is once again in chains
Dark orange the colour of blood in our veins

Gandhi in us has run its life
Punitive is his legacy
Hatred has new breeding ground 
These words part of that sound

The new social has its own media 
The combustion has anew fuel

Gandhi with an ooze is what I see
Flamethrower his only weapon , so it be
Gunpowder to the wounds
Let us walk over the tombs

Punitive are the measures
Repercurcussions of a heart with seizures
Bullets to the heart is what he deserved
It took our freedom before he got served

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