Buying shoutouts Big Boom to Twitter, Instagram Users

The social media world is becoming more complicated by the day. But complication is not necessarily bad. It used to be that I could post a picture of myself making funny faces on my Facebook page and my “friends” would either like it or say how bad I looked. Or I could copy the link to a nice article I had read and post on my Twitter account.

Nowadays it is different. Many people post pictures on Instagram or 140 characters on Twitter because they want to “do something with it.” They want to gain popularity as a blogger, or drive people’s attention to their new movie as a budding actress, or encourage people to take a stance on a “cause” or social issue.

To do that, your site needs to reach a certain traction, which you would not get if you have a limited number of followers.

So how would you attain the large following you need? You buy shoutouts. What is a shoutout? A shoutout is when someone who has a large number of followers on social media tools such as Twitter or Instagram allows you to have access to that large pool.

If you are starting in the movie business and George Clooney sends you a shoutout from his Instagram page with the words “@YourName. Nice acting” then it is likely that some of his followers would visit your profile. How would you get such an access? If Clooney’s page was up for sale –it is not — you could buy an Instagram shoutout from his account.

There many companies that help you buy Instagram shoutouts or buy Twitter retweets. Price varies greatly from company to company., depending on what in topic you would like to acquire followers –it can be anything from pet to prom proposals — one can buy Instagram shoutouts from $15 to over $100, in return for receiving thousands of followers. To buy twitter retweets, on can spend $15 to over $80 on that website, receiving thousands of followers.

Social media is not just for fun anymore. It’s become a powerful tool in targeted advertising, for a company or an individual.

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