Double Eyelid Surgery — The Various Types of Procedures

You may have heard of double eyelid surgery, a popular procedure in Korea. This process, often done at a plastic surgery clinic in Korea, can help give you naturally shaped eyelid. There are several different techniques for this procedure, and the one that is used depends on the type that your plastic surgeon recommends.

A non-incision buried suture technique is the process of performing this procedure without any incisions. During this process, small pin holes are made. These incisions are just large enough for the needles to pass through. During this process there is minimal swelling and bleeding. In fact, the process often only takes 10 minutes, and the recovery time is very quick.

During the incision technique of a double eyelid surgery in Korea, there is a horizontal incision on the double fold that will be created. The scar from the incision will be hidden underneath the fold. The plastic surgeon will then be able to manipulate the fat surrounding the eyeball, as well as the muscles that open and close the eyelid to make a double eyelid. This procedure is suitable for a person with more eye fat, and should be done by a skilled plastic surgeon.

A partial incision-technique double eyelid surgery in Korea is the combination of both techniques. Through this technique, you will most likely not have any scars and the double eyelids will have longer durability.

If you are considering double eyelid surgery, you want to choose a reputable plastic surgeon with experience in this procedure. Since there are various ways to perform this procedure, you want to ensure that you have a complete understanding of exactly how your plastic surgeon will do so.

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