Emerging Social Media Platforms of 2015

Business tend to generally launch their social media campaigns through major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter since they have become especially popular due to their business marketing tendencies. These platforms boast large membership volumes and are good at bring around great returns.

While newer social media platforms sprout and come forward each year with a lot of potential to evolve and grow in fame and popularity, some actually manage to make it through the way Vine, SnapChat and Instagram have. Small businesses can be promoted in their initial stages through lesser-known platforms that become promising avenues to gain new clients. These sites are a great place for small businesses since they lack a lot of competition, and sites that cater to a specific niche can be helpful in this regard as well.

Let us review some of the best emerging social media platforms of 2015 that might potentially prove to be excellent business marketing platforms soon.


While traditional social networking comprises of a mixture or combination of everything, all the elements can appear to be “NOISE” for most of the user base and many would in fact prefer a website that caters to their own interests. Sulia is a new and emerging social media platform 2015 which has content that is segmented by subject so that users can connect solely to the topics they are interested in. the members are capable of choosing from a variety of channels; sports, entertainment and more. The users also serve as the curators of the content and every move they make within the networking website helps in engaging other users as well. The posts that users find interesting can also be shared cross other networking platforms like Facebook.


Many users have started to consistently turn to websites like Reddit for content that is consolidated. Sharebloc initially began as a delivery system for content called the VendorStack which pulled content together and organized it sequentially for the viewers. After many identity transformations the network has finally reinvented its site as Sharebloc which is a business to business content delivery system or network that solely concentrates on helping professionals grow and learn from one another. The site can be compared to LinkedIn but has a much more content-driven sustenance strategy or approach. All readers can submit their own articles and share any kind of content they may find interesting from anywhere on the internet. As a result we are left with a growing community of small to mid-sized businesses that mutually benefit one another while also helping each other grow.


These days, visual content has become a very crucial and important component of social networking. Pheed is another new site that concentrates on the same strategy; users can share videos, live broadcasts, photos, along with text based content and a variety of subscription offers and options are available. The site’s biggest benefit is the loyal user base it carries; Pheed has a pay-per-view option that enables businesses to advertise and sell their video recordings of tutorials or seminars and gain revenues and exposure.

Just like many other platforms that are currently being mocked up for the final launch or have recently been released into the market, the above mentioned websites are gaining popularity and momentum and soon, by the end of 2015, we will be able to tell which ones managed to survive.

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