Get Semi-Permanent Makeup Training and Learn the Necessary Techniques to Advance Your Career

If you are currently an aesthetician or studying to be one then you might want to consider learning more about semi-permanent makeup. As a service that continues to grow in popularity, semi-permanent makeup training in Koreacan help you advance your career.

Semi-permanent makeup in Korea is a technique that involves drawing pigments onto the skin to resemble makeup. This helps you avoid having to do your makeup every day as it gives you a natural and enhanced look. With semi-permanent makeup, however, clients are not locked into this look forever. Unlike permanent makeup it does not last forever and can be changed over time.

This technique is important for aestheticians to learn in order to advance their career, which is why semi-permanent makeup training in Korea is necessary. For those looking to learn more about the technique and have a hands-on experience, semi-permanent makeup training in Korea is offered at Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetics and Academy.

They provide a four-day, 28-hour intensive training course in which students will learn all aspects of this technique. The training includes eyebrows, eyeline, lips and hair line, among other aspects of semi-permanent makeup. The staff at Pitangui Lee Na Young has extensive experience in these techniques and will ensure that each student is fully equipped to perform the technique following the completion of the class.

For those students who are unsure if they want to take part in the class they can sit in for one class at Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy to determine if it meets their needs. Following that class the student can then register for the rest of the course.

Semi-permanent makeup training in Korea is important in order to learn the necessary techniques to advance your career. If you are interested in registering for these classes or learning more about the program, visit Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy’s website at or call +82 70 4530 5375 today.

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