Go on an Idyllic and Blissful Adventure with a Bike

When somebody informs you that there’s a striking, dreamy trail worth visiting on a mountain bike, one you’ve never even heard of and you’ve never been to, you could be doubting. It will be more ambiguous if the trail is located in another nation and the local people there haven’t heard of it or been on that trail. Looking at the map you can view it’s totally out of the way and might take a full day out of your travel plans — is it actually worth exploring? What would you do as a mountain biker?

Think of such a trail in the US or Canada where vast wildernesses are waiting for you to explore on your super efficient carbon wheelset. It really makes a whole point of riding this beautiful yet little-known gem of the trails each year, you need to truly believe that people who advised you to visit are really on to something. Tucked away in the corners of picturesque countries, many mountains are there. On a bright and clear day, the extensive open peaks let you observe far away hill ranges encircling the horizon, from the Idaho to the far reaches of Canada. Old wood from a forest fire add personality to the higher peaks and if you can time it right, the wildflowers would act as the carpet in the open sunlit areas. You’ll also discover ruins of the old fire lookouts that envelop the trail.

With a carbon bicycle wheelset, you get an astonishing ride, unlike any other you have experienced in your previous rides. From the plain rocky peaks with huge panoramas to the green thick foliage of the lower spacious areas and all linked by a thin ribbon of nice single track. In US or Canada, you find everything — from the rocky ridge through flower-filled fields, there are kilometers of typically downhill single track. You get a fun, idyllic flow that requests you to surf at speed. A succession of switchbacks close to the underside will confirm your pace and you’ll pick and choose up keepsakes from the flora that grows unrestrained over extended stretches of the trail.