Google’s Project Soli May Soon Render Touch Screens Obsolete

Google Latest Technology

Google plans to take the word “wearable” to a whole new level. According to the search engine giant, the days of using remote controls is soon to be obsolete thanks to the latest technology it is working on. According to Google’s Ivan Poupyrev, the company is been working on new technology that allows users to control devices by making gestures in the air.

Google latest technology 2015 goes by the name, “Project Soli” and basically user’s radar waves to help it detect finger movements also called “finger micromotions.” What you get is something straight out of a science fiction movie, such as Avengers, where the characters can be seen manipulating virtual objects by simply making gestures with their fingers.

This project is currently in the works at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Lab, where the company is currently focused on this sort of futuristic technology which is currently being led by Regina Dugan. This project is not to be mistaken though with Google X labs which is busy developing the automated cars and internet balloons. Meanwhile, for those who can’t wait, Google has showcased its prototype of the Soli technology and is quite happy with the results. The company was able to show just how accurate Soli is when it came to fine motor skills like, pinching with the index finger or rubbing things virtually without really making contact with your hands. In fact, in one of the demos the founder of Google’s Project Soli, Ivan Poupyrev was seen kicking a virtual football by simply flicking at the screen.

In another demo, he was seeing changing the hours on a Google Watch by turning an imaginary dial. According to Google, after 10 months of hard work, their engineers have already managed to shrink the technology even further so that it can fit a microchip the size of a fingernail. The whole idea behind Project Soli is that this new chip can be fitted into smartwatches and other electronic devices where people can use their fingers as a sort of stylus, the only difference being, they wouldn’t have to touch the screen or make any physical contact with those devices.

As the use of wearable technology becomes more and more popular and screens get increasingly smaller, it will become tougher to have to click on certain devices. The new Soli technology could put an end to that problem permanently. The technology could also play a major role when it comes to virtual reality by offering users a way to interact with digital objects which are a part of the virtual environment they create.

While Google did not make it clear whether they had any plans to make the chips so that devices could have those capabilities, or if the company sees Soli as a kind of technology which should be standard issue in most devices which are manufactured by other well known companies. While Google has no doubt shown its interest in Soli, other technological companies such as, Oculus have also mentioned the importance of similar technology in the past. But, we know one thing for sure, with Google’s new technology 2015, conventional UI is never going to be the same.

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