“Green” Demands Changing Carpet Cleaning Business

Years ago, I used to live in Africa and one of my most vivid memories of daily life was when women would take everything — from clothes to carpets — to the nearby Nile waters, pour soap on them, submerge into the polluted waters to wash, and then leave them in fresh air to dry.

I don’t suppose that was ever a widely-used practice in this country. In fact, there was not much need for an established and widespread carpet and upholstery cleaning business in the United States until about 50 years ago. The wall-to-wall carpeting was not common until the 1950s, and the industry took off in a major way when offices started carpeting their work space.

A further development in the business has come in the past few years with more emphasis on inserting pro-environment technologies and tactics into business operations.

That has given rise to Utah green cleaners, with a number of green cleaners in Utah starting operations recently and green carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City now more popular than ever. One reason green carpet cleaning in Utah is picking up pace is that green carpet cleaning is not technologically that difficult to achieve nor is it particularly expensive for businesses to acquire.

Given the availability of labor and low business costs in Utah, compared to other states in the country, coupled with the fact that carpet and upholstery generally requires low investment, Utah businesses have had good reason to go into the profession.

Another reason for Utah businesses to go into green carpet cleaning is that the profession has potential even in nearby states. While Utah itself has long and open roads that invite air pollution, nearby states of Nevada, Idaho and Colorado are on the top 20 list of Green States in the country.

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