How a Trademark Mistake Almost Cost Me My Dream Business

Trademark Protection

When I started my business I wasn’t even thinking about a trademark. I just created a logo that I liked and put my business name on it. I quickly learned about trademark infringement as soon as my business started to make money. Once your business takes off in today’s world it can spread rather quickly across outlets such as social media and the internet in general. I was contacted by a trademark attorney that represented what turned out to be a multi-million dollar corporation based in Dubai. I quickly found myself in need of a trademark attorney to represent me and save me from this mess I was in.

The Aftermath of the Trademark Mistake

After a few months of court and a few thousand dollars later I found myself on the verge of bankruptcy. My small business took a big hit for a simple mistake. I found out later on that all of this could have been prevented if I had done the research and filed a trademark application for the logo that I designed. The trademark application at Trademark Complete is simple and straight forward. The professionals on staff are very professional and knowledgeable of the process and are available to answer any questions that you may have along the way. They can help you avoid making the same mistake that I did — contact Trademark Complete upfront and take the necessary steps to make sure you and your business are protected.

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