Peaceful Nutrition Anxiety Supplements- The Alternative to Pharmaceuticals

No one should have to live with anxiety. Anxiety is a funny thing, it can range from mild disturbances to extreme physical pain including, racing thoughts, heart palpitations, extreme fear of death, loss, or of the future. At Peaceful Nutrition they understand. That is why they offer natural anxiety supplements and other natural treatments for anxiety. Their proven natural remedies will have you feeling better in no time- the natural calming aide called Calmquil features natural ingredients all manufactured in the United States, and gives you the anti-anxiety help you need with a natural ingredient base.

What They Are Made Of

Their supplements include passion flower, lemon balm, B complex, magnesium, vitamin C and GABA,along with other natural herbs to assist in the natural treatment for anxiety. At Peaceful Nutrition they believe you should have healthy safe alternatives for treatment. They don’t believe that you should have to worry about the side effects from pharmaceutical medications that typically are worse than the symptoms you are trying to treat.

Pharmaceutical Facts

One of the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications for anxiety is Ativan. Ativan is also commonly known as Lorazepam and has been the cause of hundreds of deaths. Some of the common side effects are confusion, depression, muscle cramps and mood changes.

Many common pharmaceuticals used for treatment of anxiety fall under the category of SSRIs. SSRIs are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Common side effects include trouble sleeping, problems urinating, sexual disturbances such as ED or lack of drive and tenderness surrounding your eyes and cheekbones. As with many pharmaceuticals, these medications have often been linked to many deaths.

Stay Safe with Peaceful Nutrition

Natural Alternatives are the way to go and Peaceful Nutrition has you covered. Check out their website today, drop them an email, or pick up the phone and give them a call.However you prefer to communicate they are there to answer all your questions and help you with your concerns. They even have a blog where you can find lifestyle tips for everyday living.

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