Silent Beacon Is that Loud Beacon of Hope When You Need Help

Silent Beacon uses state-of-the-art technology to bring you amazing keychain device that can give you security and the peace of mind no matter where you are. The silent beacon emergency alert system keychain device is available for a short time at almost half price. For only $59.99 you can get the Silent Beacon emergency alert system and the peace of mind that you deserve. The silent beacon app is available for your Apple device on iTunes for free. There are no monthly fees associated with this amazing app. By using a set of pre-defined contacts Silent Beacon will send out a message to all of the loved ones in your contact list as well as notify emergency services such as fire paramedics or police department.

Be Prepared

When you combine the amazing free app along with the Silent Beacon Life Alert keychain you get the best protection when it comes to being prepared for an emergency situation. Emergencies happened out of the blue and no one can really prepare for when or where they are going to occur. With Silent Beacons’ emergency alert system and app if and when one might happen, you can let your loved ones know where you via real time GPS. It will also notify emergency services like 911 as well as your loved ones. The convenient GPS map will help show your location to your loved ones with just a simple push of a button. In today’s busy world almost everybody has their cell phone or their keys on them. When you’re not driving your phone is the most easily accessible which is why we recommend our free app. While you’re driving your phone can be hard to access but your keys are right there. This is why we recommend the silent beacon emergency alert system keychain device. Between the two you have your silent beacon, to call out during your moment of need.

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