Things to Do in Clarens South Africa

Considered as one of the most fast developing holiday spots in vicinity to places like Jordan and Johannesburg in South Africa, Clarens Free State has a lot to offer to its tourists. Since the place is relatively isolated and unexplored, a few is known about the things that you can do here. Located between the most beautiful sandstone mountains and natural beauty, this place has a lot to offer.

Hot air balloon

If you thought that this is way too much to believe in terms of availability in an unexplored village, you are wrong. Hot air ballooning in between the maluti mountain range and lush green ground is an experience to die for.

National park and safari

Since the place is close to nature, a lot of forests, safari and the golden national park are places that are in close proximity and worth a visit. An experience to these places would leave you enchanted.

Fishing and hunting

For all those you like to spend their time fishing and hunting, clarens Free State is a perfect option. In still white waters, you can do fishing for hours and absolutely enjoy it. Also, pigeon hunting is one of the most popular things people enjoy here.

Artistic Galleries

For all those people who believe that a holiday isn’t complete without purchasing certain things that remind you about that place, there are a lot of galleries to visit and shop from. Showcasing one of the most exquisite works of a lot of artists, this place has a lot for the art lovers.


Just to fascinate the kids and especially little girls, some of the castles cum hotels will leave you awestruck. Some of the oldest and the most beautiful castles can be visited and stayed in at clarens Free State.

Water adventures

Famous for its water adventures like river rafting and a lot of other water sports, swirling in the white waters of clarens will be an awesome thing to experience. These outrageous sports will something that brings an adrenaline rush amidst the calm holiday of yours.

Live shows and events

Just to keep the tourists more participative, there are a lot of live shows, marathons, and adventure camps etc that are continuously organized at clarens.

Clarens destinations come with an aim of providing world class booking services for the tourists visiting clarens Free State. With our experience and knowledge about the place, we make sure that we are able to meet your expectations and answer all your queries to our best possible effort. To know more or make a booking and info Clarens call us at 058–256–1542/1189 and our team will be glad to assist you.

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