Utah Web Design Companies’ Role in Inter-state Commerce

Forrester Research, which is renowned around the country for its data research, recently published a report titled: “US Cross-Channel Retail Forecast, 2012–2017”. It said by 2017, about 10 percent of all retail sales transactions in the US, worth $370 billion, will be through the Internet.

It also said by 2017, 60 percent of all retail sales in the country, in one way or another, will involve the Internet, meaning either the transaction itself will be done through the Internet or the customer will use a computer or mobile device to do research for a product before buying.

Now combine that with a recent article by Forbes magazine, which said Utah has more available labor and lower business costs than almost any other state in the union.

The combination of those two reports should be a nice wake-up call for professional web design companies in Utah to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity. Utah custom web design companies can offer affordable custom web design services not only to businesses in Utah but to others around the country.

Companies with professional web design services ability can start at home, and then expand to other states in the country. It is estimated that there are 203,468 small businesses in Utah, but only 59,025 have employees. That means slightly more than a third of all businesses in the state are so small that, unless the business owner is tech savvy, it would need strong web design services to reach the rest of the world. So small firms or even individuals that can forward affordable web design solutions in Utah can be of great value in expanding and improving the state’s business climate.

Utah is in a better position now than any time before. The United States is slowly coming out of the recession that plagued it in 2008. While many business sectors and businesses are still suffering, many more are wondering how to make up for the lost time. Internet commerce is a perfect solution and Utah is in an ideal position.

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