WomenSenseEstrosense — Keep your hormones winning the balancing act

Every female from the average age of 12 learns to live with their monthly period. It can be extremely uncomfortable and painful as we all know. For a week before we start our period and then through the “flowing days”, we just are not ourselves. We would love to have something that could make this time of our lives easier. Now we do. WomenSense Estrosense is just what we need to make life more comfortable for us as well as the people we live with. Beware of PMS! This supplement balances our hormones that get out of whack just before our period. As we near the beginning of our menstrual cycle, PMS kicks in. We are exhausted, have terrible mood swings, bloat up like a balloon, our breasts are sore, can’t concentrate and possibly get migraines. Our close family is walking on eggshells around us. This is all due to the drop in hormones, mostly estrogen. Estrosense to the rescue! Finally some relief This supplement helps to balance the hormone levels in our body which will virtually eliminate any problems we have with PMS or menstruation. It’s hard to believe, but this supplement can do all of the following: · Eliminates PMS and all the symptoms associated with it · Makes periods easy and effortless · Stops acne caused by hormonal changes · Stops abnormal cell growth that leads to fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, endometriosis · Eases the transition into menopause · Helps concentration and mood swings · Helps with fatigue due to hormone imbalance How to use Estrosense It is recommended to take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner during the more difficult times of the month. In order to continue to protect all of the reproductive organs, use daily by taking 2 capsules with breakfast every morning. Vitasave.ca has bottles of 60 and 120 available for purchase. We can find Estrosense and many other natural, healthy supplements at this great website as well. Don’t take my word for it. There are hundreds of customer reviews about this great site including estrosense reviews. Don’t hesitate to order some of this great product today and get relief from that terrible time of the month. Our familieswill be almost as happy as we are that we have finally found relief.

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