Week 1 of Startup Life

On Thursday, April 23th I arrived at my apartment around 5pm. Due to the time difference of 10 hours, I felt really tired and had to take a nap. Of course that doesn’t work and I ended up sleeping for almost four hours. Fortunately, Safeway, a local grocery store, was still open and I could buy some basic supplies. I live currently almost next to the AT&T park where Giants play this weird game called baseball.

On Friday morning I went to introduce myself at the BetterDoctor office. It’s only a nice 20-minute walk away. The office was a bit difficult to find at first but finally I got there.

The people at the office were super nice and I felt really welcomed. The open-space office has nice decorations and great coffee. I set up my new laptop and started installing various software I would need.

For lunch I joined Iiro, our Finnish designer, to a parking lot filled with food trucks. Mexican food was a nice start for my time here. It was really windy but quite warm in the sun.

The tacos were super yummy but a bit small. Next time I’ll have a large burrito. San Francisco is a really beautiful city with varying landscapes and buildings. During the first weekend I wandered around the city and did some shopping.

On Sunday I went for a run on Embarcadero which is a nice boulevard on the shore. About 45 minutes later I found myself at the Coit Tower which was under renovation last year when I visited San Francisco. This time it was open but I decided I’d come there again with better time. I found this great view on my way to the Coit. The bridge is called Bay Bridge and it takes you to Oakland if you really have to go there (that’s what I’ve heard so far.)

The first week went quickly as I was familiarizing myself with the codebase and our environments. I have a nice larger task for my first two weeks which is a sort of a devops task. On the balcony of our office we have a grill and some weights for exercising. Every day we (or Zane and Mika) cook a lunch for a us. Usually it has meat and salad, which is everything you need. On Mon, Wed and Thu they do a 5x5 workout which I joined this week.

The view from the office is nice but the noise from the highway is a bit annoying sometimes. In the mornings the fog is visible over the hill in the picture.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I went for running on Embarcadero. Just a 15-min run away is this great place. You can see the Coit Tower in the background on the right.

On Thursday we got electronic standing desks. At first it seems really difficult to get used to them but I’ll keep trying. This is what my desk looks like right now

I need to buy a new pair of headphones. The ones I have now are not comfortable enough and they start hurting my ears after using them for a couple of hours. I found the water bottle from Target and now I’ve been drinking a lot more water. See how cool the coffee mugs are!

On Saturday, May 2nd I hiked to the Dolores park which was packed with people having picnics.

Today I’ve only been to the gym that is located downstairs. Next I’ll go to the grocery store to buy some essentials for the week.

Until next time,

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