How I Became an Optimist

In 2016, I read every issue of Nature science journal from cover to cover. Medicine, physics, biology, genetics, you name it — every single day I was fascinated by new scientific discoveries.

Something interesting happened to my brain.

See, there’s so much going on in the world all the time. Some good, some bad. Nobody can predict the future, and nobody truly KNOWS where we are going.

So, how you deal with the unknown is a matter of mindset, and mindset has a lot to do with perspective; what you pay attention to. Are you consuming more discoveries or tragedies?

I believe there’s a sweet spot in between for everybody, where you are aware of and acknowledge the problems but are not overwhelmed by them. It’s a state of mind where you recognize that things change, and have the urge to act.

To me, optimism is a decision to work every day towards that perspective, that sweet spot.

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