After getting a note from a friend in the industry about a project related to the N-Gage by the Finnish Museum of Games and at the same time seeing people in droves arriving to Helsinki for Pocket Gamer Connects I remembered this post I did in 2011 about the legacy of N-Gage, Nokias ill-fated but pioneering gaming phone.

The post obviously misses to point a lot of the other later formed developers set up by N-Gage alumni – like Next Games – but nevertheless it is still a good reminder of the role that Nokia played in boosting the global mobile game revolution.

From warehouses to meeting places. From transactions to conversations.

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Matteo Penzo of Frog and Tim Kobe of Eight Inc had an interesting conversation about the future of brand experiences at Step Conference in Dubai last month. The majority of the discussion was centred around the future of retail — especially with the unwavering growth of e-commerce disrupting traditional brick & mortar.

The big question was: Is there a role for retail in a world where consumers can find out more about the products on display with a simple Google search than from the sales rep at the store, where they can get a better price from Amazon or Souq.com than at their local superstore and where someone (not in very distant future a package passing drone or better yet an autonomous rolling robot) will deliver it conveniently to their doorstep. …

Don’t Disrupt. Focus on Adding Value to the Lives of the People You Want to Engage With.

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years since Cluetrain Manifesto was first published. I still remember sitting on a plane totally oblivious to my surroundings and just devouring the book. It was life changing. The most meaningful and important marketing book I have read — to this day.

It was the first time someone put the gut feeling I had into words:

That marketing and advertising should be about treating your audience like human beings, listening to them and forming real meaningful relationships with them by bringing something to the table. Not just stealing attention and time.

I’ve never had any formal education in marketing. I’ve never considered myself an ad guy. I grew up with the web creating sites & building services mostly with no advertising budget. That meant no shortcuts. We really had to understand what our audiences wanted and cared about in order to create something that got noticed, got traffic, got talked about (or “spread virally” and “earned media” using todays lingo) and was meaningful enough to become a part of their daily lives. We were building brands not knowing we were building brands. We were just following our intuition. …


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