How a toy shaped my image of CAT

I’ve always admired the way CAT has branched out from their core business of making the biggest and boldest machinery that literally shapes the Earth to clothing, footwear, mobiles phones and all the way to toys.

I’ve worn CAT boots and loved them for keeping me warm during the cold…

In todays connected world it’s the never ending stream of interactions that defines your brand.

Big hollow statements no longer cut it. Building a loved brand takes time and effort spent relentlessly focusing on the seemingly inconsequential and often ignored details of each interaction between you and your audience.


When was the the last time you just listened?

When I was in my teens I worked at a record store. It was the best and coolest summer job you could have back then. I mean this was a record store of the 90’s when CD’s had just came out, vinyl was still the thing and music was still…

The village is back. With a vengeance.

This was originally posted on my now offline blog in 2010. Thought I’d repost as it still rings true.

Baxter, Perry, Burns Bakery in Dresden, Ontario in 1890s. Image Sweet Americana Sweethearts.

Imagine you live in a village sometime in the end of the 19th century.

You buy your bread from the village baker every day. You know it to be good, tasty…

Affecting change in a startup city

Dubai is a city of change. It’s relentless pursuit for the best possible in everything combined with the surprising humility in admitting mistakes, learning from them and pivoting quickly is what makes it a unique test lab defining the city of the future. …

Jussi Solja

#Digital thinker and doer since '94. Have fought for the Sith and the Rebellion. One of The Sexy Beasts.

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