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When was the the last time you just listened?

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When I was in my teens I worked at a record store. It was the best and coolest summer job you could have back then. I mean this was a record store of the 90’s when CD’s had just came out, vinyl was still the thing and music was still music and you actually had to wait weeks (what!) for the physical copy of that new record by your favourite artist to arrive.

It was special then when you finally got that record, took it home and put it in your newly bought super expensive CD-player and cranked up the volume. And just sat still and listened. Listened to the whole album in one go. Not just the hit single but the whole album. And then listened to it again. Sitting still. Not doing anything else.

Looking back to those moments it blows me away that I just sat there. Listened to the album. Just listened. Did not do anything else. Just appreciated that moment in time. I was there. In the moment.

When has that happened to you last?

With all the distractions of today we stop and listen way too rarely. We don’t stop and appreciate…anything because we are too busy sharing it all thinking it will buy us some insubstantial social capital in the eyes of people that rarely even care about what we share.

My promise to myself, to my family and friends and the world around me is that I will stop and listen. To appreciate the moments, the sounds and the world around me. Right here, right now and not on Snapchat.

I challenge you to try it.

A good way to start is to pick the most influential album of your teens (mine is by Pink Floyd), put it on (Spotify is ok if CD or vinyl is not available) and…

…just listen.

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