What if we don’t need advertising at all?
Doc Searls

To me advertising (when done right) still has a role to play in helping brands reach out to the right people, to communicate their values, thinking & solutions (products) and then inviting them to engage. If it is a match.

Maybe advertising (a redefined non-disruptive version of it) can still be the means to connect the two (loved the Computer Shopper example by Alan Bland) or maybe someone will build the Tinder of the Intention Economy and really kill advertising for good.

One thing I do find very interesting though. In the world you describe people broadcast their intentions to which companies then respond. That’s all well and good and will definitely decrease the noise and disruption we all are tired of. But how in this scenario will we find out about the solutions and products we did not know we needed, wanted or intended to buy? And how can we make sure product and service innovation still lives and thrives? If everything is created to answer an existing need will anyone create the next iPhone?

Interesting times. Looking forward to the book :)