User Experience Is The New Brand Campaign

In todays connected world it’s the never ending stream of interactions that defines your brand.

Big hollow statements no longer cut it. Building a loved brand takes time and effort spent relentlessly focusing on the seemingly inconsequential and often ignored details of each interaction between you and your audience.

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To embrace this consider the following.

Deliver on your promises

No matter the channel or the depth of your relationship — if they’ve just met you or are old friends. It should always be the same you making good on the promises made.

Obsess over details

Focus especially the little reactive informative statements that might feel unimportant. The ones that are easily forgotten — like when you are asking people to sign up for your newsletter: How do you tell them they forgot to fill in all the details? How about when they succeed in subscribing — what happens next?

Empower your people

Encourage them to live it as they play the most crucial part in breathing life to the brand — in every single thing they do.

Be transparent and true to your values

That’s the new brand campaign. A series of carefully crafted messages, interactions and reactions that form the image of who you are and what you stand for.

Much like in life.

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