Outside of work, it all seems like hobby. Anything I start to create is a diversion or playing around.
“I want to create something.”
Bill Robitske, Jr.

Here’s probably why you don’t work on personal projects. You don’t consider a hobby to be important. But often our hobbies and side projects can inform our work lives and help us be better employees.

Google recognizes this and makes all of their employees spend 20% of their working time on personal projects. These are chosen based on the employee’s own interest.

While perhaps most of the time those projects don’t produce anything interesting, occasionally someone will come up with a product that becomes very valuable for Google.

Google Cardboard and a map project that became Google Maps I believe were first conceived on 20% time.

Sometimes playing around or diverting yourself can lead to great results. A playful state is also one requirement for entering a flow state where we are at our most productive. Something to think about next time you want to start a playing around ;)

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