Passive Aggressive New Years Resolutions

You didn’t ask, but here’s some stuff I think you should work on in 2018…

1. Less t.v., more books.

2. Organize and plan! That smart phone you’re on all day? It has a calendar. Use it.

3. You’ve probably fallen susceptible or even re-posted fake news in the past year (yes, you). Learn how to vet information you find online.

4. Check out peer-reviewed data before your gut reaction negates good, valid, important stuff (like universal basic income).

5. Be curious. Research. Have fun and fall in love with knowledge.

6. Stop apologizing for taking up space, speaking, thinking, sneezing… pretty much existing. You deserve to exist.

7. Get better at apologizing (like you mean it!) for hurt when you cause it. Accept such apologies graciously, should they come your way.


9. Get an annual physical. If you’re sick or injured, go to the doctor. Give therapy a chance. Basically: take care of your meatbag.

10. Diets are harmful and don’t work. Plus, talking about your diet or weight loss goal can be triggering to others. You are an incredible, beautiful human, and your worth is not predicated on your size.

11. That thing you wish you knew how to do? Learn how to do it. Take a class, ask a friend, watch a video about it. Wishing ain’t doing.

12. Stop saying “I’m terrible with names” and actually get better at remembering names.

13. Break the gender binary (because it’s a social construct and gender stereotypes hurt everyone). Drop terms like “ladies and gentlemen” and wait for people to tell you how they identify rather than assume.

14. Give a shit about the environment by practicing the 3Rs, donating to environmental non-profits, visiting a National Park, and fighting the executive government’s deregulation agenda.

15. The non-stop news feed of doom is hurting you. Block out time to check current events, then really truly stop looking after that.

16. Unless you *never* watch or read the news, to which I say: 
Know what the heck is going on! Your aggressive ignorance is showing and it’s not a good look.

17. Take a good, hard, unflinching review of your finances and make a realistic, sustainable budget that incorporates short- and long-term goals.

18. Smash capitalism.

19. Fight hate.

20. Love yourself.

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