Be Zealous;

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Through these past couple months has been hard.

My health is not getting any better. My patience with myself only is becoming more fragile. My hopes and my attributes for myself just are merely hanging by a thread.

But then there’s this thing called being Zealous.

These past couple months has really been teaching me how to become more zealous in anything I do. Whether it may be maintaining a relationship with another being, my passion to become an innovator, or to wake up everyday eager to open myself to new discoveries, you need be to zealous.

What is zealous?

To be zealous is to be passionately eager or enthusiastically diligent.

That little hope I hang by a thread is my zeal. It’s the only thing that is keeping me going in anything and everything I do.

With my journey to continue with learning front-end web development, I learn everyday the newer things I can do to get to my end goal. Thanks to being zealous. The relationships I try to maintain is through my zealousness that even though we both are complete already that we both will keep each other accountable to grow together. I’m only just merely a young adult, and there are so much more in the world that I want to learn and discovery not just for myself but to share to others out there that they may bring forth something more and together with me. That is where my zealous grows.

And so as I sit here with my green tea almond latte, I will continue my growth of being zealous.

Because that’s how successful people get into history books and change how the world looks at things. It’s because of those innovators, leaders, and inventors having something calling zeal.

They are all passionately eager to do make things happen and to share it with the world their own love and passion of what they stand for.

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