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While travel isn’t limited to the summer months, it’s often the time that most of us will be venturing abroad to enjoy a little sun and adventure in foreign climes. This can mean boarding an aeroplane and jetting off somewhere more exotic than the UK, but this whole experience of air travel doesn’t come without its trials and tribulations.

Since the tragic events of 9/11 and other high target terrorist attacks in the UK, France, Belgium and the world over, airports are now operating on high security alert. This has resulted in even stricter security measures at airports to keep passengers safe from potential threats. But to the everyday holiday maker these extensive and thorough security checks and protocols at airports can feel a little long and irksome, as being limited to only 100ml liquids in your hand luggage and having to display all liquids in a clear plastic bag whilst going through security can cause delays at passport control and limit what you can take.

But you can make airport travel much simpler and less stressful, regardless of the increased security measures for passengers

Be Prepared

When you’re travelling by air, be it abroad or within the UK, it’s important to always be prepared. This will not only make sure you don’t forget any of your travel essentials, but will also give you plenty of time to check if there are any restricted items that you won’t be able to take with you.

By familiarising yourself with the airports travel security protocols beforehand you’ll ensure you aren’t the one holding up the queue at the security checkpoints or that you’re having to throw away items unnecessarily.

Most UK and international airports now operate the same security measures where hand luggage and passengers will pass through an x-ray machine to scan for any prohibited objects. This involves removing coats, shoes and large jewellery items, as well as placing electrical devices and liquids containers of 100ml or less in separate trays for them to be individually scanned. This is why they ask for liquids to be placed in clear re-sealable plastic bags to make them easier to scan.

While passengers can get these plastic bags at the airport and transfer toiletries, perfumes and any other liquids into them on arrival at security, this can be awkward and time consuming. Thus it’s advisable to do this part at home. Firstly this will make sure everything fits into the plastic bag and can be sealed and that nothing is over the 100ml limit. Then all you need to do at security is simply transport them in your toiletries bag ready packed and remove them to be scanned.

Add style to your luggage

Of course, we all understand these necessities for safe air travel, but declaring your toiletries doesn’t mean you can’t still travel in style. Having a decent washbag in your arsenal will not only make customs much simpler, as you can pre-pack everything in your plastic bag and remove it for security checks, but also it ensures everything stays safe and secure during transit; and that you still have a convenient place to stow your toiletries during your holiday.

To make sure you can travel in style and still abide by the rules, we’ve put together our top 5 favourite leather toiletries bags that combine style and convenience to make traveling through airport security a breeze.

The Maxwell Scott Pratello

If you’re looking for a chic and practical toiletry bag then this is definitely the one for you. Designed specifically to keep your toiletries organised and easily accessible, this beautiful hanging toiletry bag is the ideal travel accessory, particularly if you’re a regular flyer. Handmade from Italian leather it comes in a choice of black, brown or dark brown leather with a sturdy hanging hook and zip pouches to store items. Once you’ve landed and unpacked you can simply hang it up in the bathroom and have all your grooming essentials within easy reach.

Prime Hide Ladies Travel Cosmetic Pouch

Designed with discerning female travellers in mind, this cosmetic pouch is stylish, colourful and exceptionally functional, so you can keep your make-up, toiletries, perfumes and anything else conveniently stored in one place. This gorgeous cosmetic pouch comes with a detachable wrist strap, a choice of 10 fabulous colours and three small internal pouches to keep certain items separate and easy to find. It’s also compact enough to fit in your handbag or be stowed in your hold luggage.

Wombat Luxury Oiled Style Leather Hanging Wash Bag

This stunning leather washbag from Wombat is awash with practical pockets, pouches and to keep all your grooming items stashed away in an organised manner during your travels. Made from genuine oiled brown leather, it can be hung up in the bathroom for easy use and has a front zip pocket for those items you may want easy access to. It will zip fully closed when you’re ready to fly, making a slim travel companion for your toiletries, whether in the hold or travelling with you.

Prime Hide Brown Leather Wash Bag

If you prefer a more traditional washbag design that oozes elegance, then this should be right up your street. It offers a large interior pocket that’s ideal for pre-packing your toiletries in plastic bags to declare at security if you’re travelling with hand luggage only, as well as additional zip pockets and interior pouches and a zipped pocket on the outside. Made from quality hide leather it will be a welcomed addition to any traveller’s luggage.

Tuscany Leather Roxy Large Toiletry Bag

Finally to give you plenty of inspiration for leather washbags, there’s the Tuscany Leather Roxy, which is made from Italian polished calf skin that will ensure your toiletries travel in style. With a classic design, its side poppers can be used to secure the bag in or outside of your luggage, while the spacious interior can hold a number of toiletries, including pre-packed plastic bags ready for security.

For all these stunning leather toiletry bags / leather washbags and more, why not visit Just4Leather and bag yourself a stylish travel accessory for your toiletries.

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