When it comes to men, it’s all in the bag…

Accessories speak volumes about our unique personality traits and the image we choose to present to the world. We’ve brought together seven of the most popular man-bag styles so that you can discover what your personal favourite reveals about you…

Large backpack

Thanks to Bear Grylls, hiking and outdoor pursuits have never been so fashionable. The oversized backpack is the bag of choice for Mr. Outdoors. He slings the leather straps over his shoulders before setting out on the latest extreme adventure. This man is afraid of nothing and no one. He is strong, fearless and loves to take a risk (except when it comes to fashion). He likes his backpacks to represent himself: tough and functional with a timeless style. This brown leather number from Wombat ticks all the boxes. Made from soft oiled leather, it comes fully lined and protected with a drawstring opening for ease of use. Mr. Outdoors likes accessories that are slick like this backpack. After all, he is a man with no time to waste.


This self-confessed family man loves nothing more than travelling the world with his partner and the kids in tow. But Mr. Stylish wouldn’t be seen dead dragging a musty old suitcase. Instead, he would go for a stylish weekend bag such as this Gladstone holdall from Prime Hide. Proving that practical and trendy can travel comfortably hand in hand, the holdall is made from roughewn leather for a chic rugged style with plenty of space left over to hold all Mr. Traveller’s essentials (and a few bits and pieces for the kids). The holdall’s smart structure and clean finish will complement a smart-casual weekend or holiday ensemble. Further fashion credentials come courtesy of the purple Jacquard lining and intricate precision stitching, along with antique brass fittings.

Sling backpack

The sling backpack takes pride of place on the arm of the sophisticated gentleman who loves the finer things in life. From swanky restaurants and elegant parties to luxury holidays in far-flung climes, Mr. Luxury loves to turn heads wherever he goes. He is a man who likes to make an impression whether it is with his quirky personality, unique style or exceptional accessories. This wonderful backpack made from 100% Italian leather is certain to fulfill his flair for the dramatic and passion for style. With striking red hues, buckle detail and exquisite Italian leather, it embodies Mr. Luxury’s original, inimitable personality to perfection.


Mr. Business is a man who his friends would describe as serious with a cheeky edge. He is an ambitious chap who is dedicated to his career and working his way quickly up the industry ladder. The messenger bag, such as this rich brown leather beauty from Twenty8 is a versatile bag that suits this man’s focused, hard-working lifestyle. Its classic, luxurious design includes multiple internal and rear pockets to hold Mr. Business’ laptop, broadsheet newspaper and all-important business documents, while the classic strap makes it easy to sling over his shoulder on a swift walk through the city to the next business lunch or client meeting.


Large enough to comfortably fit a tablet or laptop and any work files yet compact enough to wrap comfortably around the body or over the shoulder, the crossbody bag is designed for Mr. Laidback. Its flexible design reflects its flexible wearer — a man who loves a good party as much as a visit to the local art gallery or a long stroll in the park on a sunny day. This style is also worn by the spontaneous man who loves to make memories and is unconcerned about how much time he has to prepare for an adventure, as long as there is fun and games involved. Don’t be fooled, though. Mr. Easygoing might have a casual attitude to life but his view on style is anything but. He takes fashion seriously, making this striking dark brown leather crossbody from Twenty8 his perfect match.


The duffle bag is a classic style and one that all men into their fitness and looking good will naturally gravitate towards. Mr. Muscle wants to look and feel his best at all times, and he loves it when the spotlight is on him. A classic duffle like this Prime Hide number in Texan Tan is his go-to choice for the gym. He likes to keep things exciting and add a bit of spice — this duffle’s golden hues and buff grained Italian leather does the job perfectly. This is also a man with a big heart who falls very deeply in love. He will take the duffle everywhere with him, from the gym to a poker night round his best mate’s house or a long weekend away with his other half.


The days are long gone when the briefcase was purely an accessory for the geeky office IT guy. Nowadays, it’s Mr. Cool who carries his briefcase with pride. This office staple has taken a twist in recent years thanks to the influence of cult shows such as Mad Men. This luxury Italian attaché briefcase is one that Don Draper would confidently carry through the streets of New York and any man who chooses a designer briefcase as his arm candy is likely be a successful man both at work and play who exudes confidence and has beautiful women falling at his feet.

From the duffle and crossbody to the messenger, holdall and sling backpack, there’s a bag out there to suit every type of personality, lifestyle, budget and occasion, day or night. At Just For Leather, wesell bags to the style-conscious gentleman who loves timeless design and unique branding. Our collection includes bags and accessories from some of the most highly sought after, original designers in the luxury market today. Every one of our bags is made using premium leather for quality, longevity and timeless, low-maintenance style. We guarantee our bags will enhance your mood and your personal style for many years to come.

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