The Change & The Constant

I promised someone that I’ll write this approximately 1 year ago, but I didn’t held up my promise, up until now.

I guess me and my inspiration are only good when things come to an end, and just like Keyser Soze… they are gone without me noticing.

Usually I dwell on deep introspective life topics, but this time I’ll skip my regular emotional menstrual period and keep it short (and hopefully with a point).

Life changes, we change, this tiny flying spec of dust called world changes, the universe changes. Some things end, some things begin. More often we get “stuck” in one place, and our psyche feels trapped. Sometimes we break free, sometimes we don’t. We did broke free, and we must to continue to do so… Pursuing our dreams, and living true to our emotions and desires will drive us on a dynamic road, with a lot of twists and turns… A lot of stops, and a lot of flat tires. A lot of close friends grown distant, a lot of warm lovers grown cold.

As life goes on, I have a gut feeling that it will be more and more rare to find like-minded deepshits, but that must not be decisive factor in our life. We must keep going and always find time to rest ourselves at that hypothetical cabin at the lake by the woods…

It’s easy to get lost out there, and get sucked into some fast-evolving urban jungle. Not me. Not us.

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