And we’re back… — Government Fishbowl

Government Fishbowl was on hiatus for a couple of reasons. One, I was doing research for a novel and I wanted the book to get its footing (it’s about a third of the way done), before coming out of my hidey hole. The second reason was the direct result of the writing that I was doing on Government Fishbowl.

The straight news or “hard news” is interesting, it keeps me up to date, and my readers as well, but knowing that a robot can crank out the same information caused me to feel a bit despondent about the value to my readers. Quite a few of the posts on here are my commentary on current research and what they may mean for humanity’s future, and I will continue to opine in that direction, but that material isn’t enough to keep the website going. The net is filled with those stories: supporters and detractors posting blogs and vlogs on the paradise awaiting us via the Singualarity or the Skynet destruction of us all. I like the middle ground, looking at both sides — and screw being balanced — but not being a fundamentalist radical that can’t have multiple perspectives. This leads to what else to write about that is worth your and my time.

One idea was to write about topics of a more personal nature, but I’m private, and my thoughts on what’s going on with technology and society is personal enough. The idea of posting about my novel’s progress made me throw up in my mouth a bit. There are way too many of those blogs and FB pages out there, most of it terrible writing, with books that will never be finished or birthed into self-publishing hell (not that self publishing doesn’t have merits, but democratization of writing allows more shit writing than good to excrete itself into the public domain). What I am willing to write about per the novel are the philosophies and technologies that arise during its creation, which fits within the scope of Government Fishbowl’s milieu, and those posts will add an extra layer to the opinion pieces and the hard news that will make appearances. Some hard news is just too cool not to mention.

In violation of the above (there’s always a caveat), I will share this small bit of personal preference. I value social media, while having enmity towards it. I often find the current state of blogs, tweets, Facebook and G+ posts to be self-aggrandizing, boring, superfluous, crass and cruel. Half the time, social media exchanges — following and being followed; liking and being liked — feels akin to doing a virtual sixty-nine; the other half has the aura of a rimjob exchange to it. It takes quite a bit of effort to find people worth following. Also, interests and people change, which requires culling and populating lists to keep them cultivated. Yin and Yang. Damn you social media.

Therefore Dear Readers, many of whom I’ve lost during my too long seclusion — a no-no in blogging land — some bits of Government Fishbowl will remain the same, some shall change. But, that is the nature of life, yes? However it turns out, you’re not only invited, but welcomed to join me on the ride.

Originally published at on May 4, 2015.

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